Student Handbook

A Message From the Principal

The key to a successful middle school experience is close communication between student, parents, and the school.  Please take advantage of the guidance that your professional staff is here to provide.

The staff of Santa Lucia School strives to provide a comprehensive, academic environment where all students develop positive behavior patterns, positive social interactions, and strong self-images with input, cooperation, and support from parents, staff, and community.  Curriculum and teaching strategies capitalize on the academic, social, and personal developmental needs of young adolescents.

It is the desire of all concerned with educating the students of Santa Lucia Middle School that an atmosphere be present which makes it possible for each individual student to grow and prosper emotionally, mentally, socially, and academically.  Our commitment to learning includes the following concepts:  rules are publicized, explained, and equitably enforced.

School rules are derived from the goals of respect for self, for property, and for tolerance of others.  In enforcing the rules of the school, the staff believes that students must understand that their actions do have consequences.  As students become responsible for their own behavior, they develop the self-discipline needed to become responsible citizens.

To ensure the success of students in a school environment, the staff and parents must work cooperatively.  The teachers, administrators, and parents are responsible for modeling and teaching students the behavioral standards desired in the classroom and in the school.  Parental support of the school is essential to ensure that students respect and follow the rules and regulations.  Parents and students must be responsible for regular school attendance; students with good attendance are most likely to be successful in school.

As a first step, read this handbook carefully by clicking on the individual topics below.  It is an important tool in helping us work together.  On behalf of the entire staff, we wish you a satisfying and enjoyable school year!



Bell Schedule

Regular Day Schedule
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

 8:05 1st Bell
 8:10 - 8:52 1st Period
 8:56 - 9:36 2nd Period
 9:40 - 10:25 3rd Period
10:25 - 10:41 Nutrition
10:45 - 11:28 4th Period
11:32 - 12:15 5th Period
12:15 - 12:45 Lunch
12:48 - 1:31 6th Period
 1:35 - 2:18 7th Period
 2:22 - 3:05 8th Period


Wednesday Schedule

 8:05 1st Bell
 8:10 - 8:46 1st Period
 8:50 - 9:25 2nd Period
 9:31 - 10:07 3rd Period
10:07 - 10:17 Nutrition
10:20 - 10:55 4th Period
10:59 - 11:34 5th Period
11:38 - 12:13 6th Period
12:13 - 12:43 Lunch
 12:46 - 1:21 7th Period
 1:25 - 2:00 8th Period


Minimum Day
(Even or Odd Day)

 8:05 1st Bell
 8:10 - 9:08 1st/2nd Period
 9:08 - 9:23 Nutrition
 9:28 - 10:26 3rd/4th Period
10:30 - 11:28 5th/6th Period
11:32 - 12:30 7th/8th Period
12:30 -12:40 Lunch